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1st Question

Why this domain is worth this much?
Ans:if you are thinking of building a brand in health/insurance sector this is what u require , The jio word resonates as a brand in indian people mind plus the free marketing & the trust this brings due to the keyword. And the most important thing is the meaning of the word in health/insurance sector, jio means live , and it brings positiveness when spoken. If you are running a health/insurance sector company this domain will help you acheive ur goal of building a brand and trust among the masses.

If you are a domain broker then, As jio has purchased domain such as JioMart.com and so on, chances of them purchasing this domain is multifold cause JioHealth is registed as a startup company worth $5M+. the probability of them or any competition looking for this .com tld is huge. Add this to your arsenal and boost ur portfolio.

2nd Question

I already have a brand running , can i still use this domain?
Ans:Yup, you can ,i would ask devs to link the website under this domain then point the prev domain to this domain.This way all my existing traffic of the prev domain will land on this new domain smoothly. In simple words i would make this a primary address and the existing domain as secondary address. This way my new and old customers aren't effected in the process. And i would keep this domain name in all future marketing plans that i would make.

3rd Question

How long will the domain transfer take?
Ans:The unique auth code will be given on full settlement which you can put under your domain provider eg:godaddy.com and in 3-4 days this domain will be showing under your account.

Intro : Jiohealthy.com domain is for sale.Give a makeover to your brand by this domain name. Jio = Live, Healthy A catchy name which people don't even have to remember as this domain name comes naturally to wish good health to others, specially in india.This domain name leaves a pyscological postive virbration among your customers & helps naturally [Word Of Mouth] in Marketing.

This domain is for people who would like to build a big brand like Jio in the health or insurance industry.
A catchy and in the mouth name such as this domain name is the first step in right direction for your business.
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$ 500 USD / Rs.35K
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